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Happy Valentines Day SMS 2020, Romantic Valentine Messages

Happy Valentines Day SMS. My heart tells me I’d die without you. Before it proves to be right, Agree to be mine. — Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine SMS / Text Messages-Happy Valentines Day

  1. U r d beat of my heart
    Lover of my soul
    I’ll never leave U
    & never wanna U let go U r d beat of my heart
    d 1 that make me sing
    d 1 who makes me smile
    & I never seem to cry U r d beat of my heart
    d 1 I really love
    Don’t let me out of Ur sight
    For I’m yours by heart happy Valentine’s Day
  2. Have I told you recently
    that I love you
    well, just in case I didn’t
    2day I want to say it
    0ver and over, and over again
    I love you on this Valentine’s Day.
  3. Bee love honey,
    Miss love Money,
    Flower love Dew,
    I Long For You
  4. Ek jhalak ke liye taraste the hum apki
    Phir ek din aaya ki aapki aadat pad gayi
    Ab nahi kaat sakti zindagi ke din…
    Jab tak aap nahin ho jaate hamaari…!!
  5. What i need to live
    has been given to me
    by the earth..Why i need to live
    has been given to me
    by you my valentine !!! Happy Valentines Day
  6. “Ur frndship is the most beautiful aspect of my life.
    Remain frnds forever.
    Wish you happy Valentine’s Day.”
  7. Valentine’s Day 2020 is in the air; surprise your beloved, girlfriend with some best and beautiful valentine day sms, messages and quotes.
  8. Aap ki yad me sab kuch bhulaye bethe hai
    Chiraag khushiyon ke bujhaye baithe hain,
    Hum toh marenge aap ki baahon mein,
    Yeh bhi maut se shart lagaaye baithe hain..!
    Wish You Happy Valentines Day
  9. So Many Time
    I Thought I’d Never
    Find Sum1 To Love Me
    d Way I Needed 2 B
    Loved Then
    U Came In My Life
    Showed Me
    Wh8 True Love
    Really Is 🙂Happy Valentine’s Day
  10. The best thing about me is you.
    I Love you my sweet heart.
    Happy Valentines Day.
  11. :: 2018 Valentine sms ::
    Love is Divine
    Be My Valentine
    I will be yours for Life Time

Valentine Messages for Friends-Happy Valentines Day

  1. 24 hours make a lovely day,
    7 days make a lovely week,
    52 weeks make a lovely year
    & knowing a person like you makes my life lovely.
    Happy Valentine’s Day.
  2. Roses are red, violets are blue.
    You are my dream that came true.
    We are lovers and will always be.
    Honestly, you are the only one i will ever see.
    Happy valentine’s day to you my love.
    We were truly blessed by the one above.Happy Valentines Day Sweetheart
  3. Like a bright sunshine on a dreary day;
    Like the assuring moonlight on a murky night;
    Like a fresh blossom on a barren land;
    You’re the joy of my life.
    I’ll love you till eternity and beyond.
    Happy Valentine’s day!
  4. I Love Three Things,
    I Love Three Things,
    The Sun, The Moon, And You,
    The Sun 4 A Day,
    The Moon 4 Night,
    And U 4 Ever.
    B/C I Love U 4 Ever…*** Enter PIN code…
    Enter PIN code… L.
    Enter PIN code …LO.
    Enter PIN code…LOV.
    Enter PIN Code LOVE…
    PIN Accepted…
    ; ^ U ^; to my *HeArT*
  5. Multiply it by infinity
    take it to the depth
    of forever
    you will still only have
    a glimpse of how much
    I love you
  6. Meeting you was fate,
    Becoming your friend was choice,
    But falling in love with you was
    Completely out of my control.

    Happy Valentines Day My Darling

  7. Ikraar me sabdo ki ehmeeyat nahi hoti
    Dil ke jazbaat ki kabhi aawaaz nahi hoti
    Aankhe bayan kar deti h dil ki daastan
    Mohabbat lafzo ki mohtaaz nahi hoti
  8. Life is for living,
    I live for you Dreams are for dreaming,
    I dream for you Hearts are for beating, mine beats for you Angels are for keeping.
    Can I keep you?
    Sweet Valentine’s day to u.
  9. Love is 2 souls
    intertwined in such a way
    you can’t find their meeting place
    nor can you tear it apart
    it is one embodiment of
    pure pleasure & pain ,
    joy & sorrow Happy Valentines Day SMS
  10. 2 love wdout condition,
    2 talk wdout intention,
    2 give wdout reason,
    2 care wdout expectation,
    is the heart of true relation
  11. m on a mission:
    Mission to avoid u,
    To forget u,
    to get rid of u,
    To not 2 talk 2u or meet u,
    Happy Valentine’s Day!

Free Happy Valentine Love Text Messages

  1. 1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u.
    1st time i touched u i was scared 2 kiss u.
    1st time i kiss u i was scared to love u.
    but now that i love u i’m scared 2 lose u!
  2. You are the *coca* to my *cola*
    You are the *race* to my *car*
    You are the *macaroni* to my *cheese*
    You are the *Wal* to my *Mart*
    but most of all….
    You are the *keys* to my *heart*
  3. Dil Ne Jise zindagi bhar Chaha Hai
    Aaj Karunga Mai Unse Ikrar,
    Jiski Sadiyo Se Tammanah Ki Hai,
    Unse Karunga Mere Pyar Ka Izhaar..!!
  4. “On dis Valentines I admit dat
    Its ur sight which makes me nervous,
    Its ur voice which makes me shivers,
    Its ur presence dat tinkles my bones,
    Its ur eyes those r killing me,
    Its u 4 which my heart goes restless..
    On dis valentines I admit dat
    I LOVE YOU” Happy Valentines Day SMS
  5. Happy Valentines Day.!!

    Love is not as simple as candle & Roses
    Love is day-to-day living; talking time,
    making time to be there,
    with open arms and giving Heart

  6. Honthon Se Pyaar Ke Fasaane Nahin Aate,
    Sahil Pe Sumandar Ke Moti Nahin Aate,
    Lelo Abhi Zindagi Mein Pyaar Ka Mazaa,
    Phir Laut Ke Hum Jaise Deewane Nahin Aate!
  7. न मुझे Valentine Week का इंतज़ार है
    ना ही Valentine Day का,
    मुझे तो हमारी Wedding Day का इंतज़ार है
    जिस दिन तुम तुम्हारे पैरो से
    कलश गिरा के मेरे घर में कदम रखोगी.

  8. “Love is missing someone
    Whenever u’re apart, but
    Somehow feeling warm inside
    Bcoz u’re close in heart
  9. “I wrote ur name in d sky
    But d wind blew it away
    I wrote ur name in d sand
    But d waves washed it away
    I wrote ur name in my heart
    Nd forever it will stay
    Happy Valentine’s Day
  10. I dont’t know how to say it
    To make it sound so true as it is
    So I’ll say it how i feel it
    I’m completely in love with you
    Be mine for lifetime ♡
    ❤️Happy Valentine Day❤️
  11. I care for you in my own ways.
    Maybe you’ll never know,
    Maybe I’ll never show. ????
    ♡ Happy Valentine’s Day
  12. तेरी पहली मुलाकात जिन्दगी में एक बहार लाई थी,
    हर आईने में तेरी तस्वीर मुझे नजर आई थी,
    लोग कहते हैं प्यार में नींद उड़ जाती है,
    हमने तो नींदों में ही प्यार की दुनिया बनाई थी..!! Happy Valentines Day SMS

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